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How many seasons of Bleach are there? Guide to the anime series

by Harry Brown

After more than 10 years of absence, the Bleach anime is about to return with the adaptation of the Millennial War, the final saga of the iconic manga series written and drawn by Tite Kubo. If you haven’t watched Studio Pierrot’s production yet, this might be the right time to do it. But how many seasons of Bleach exist?

The Bleach television anime, produced by Studio Pierrot and directed by Noriyuki Abe, is his debut in Japan on 5 October 2004. Bleach, with ONE PIECE and Naruto, is one of the Big Three of Shonen Jump and the adaptation immediately won the favor of the public. The series ran until March 27, 2012, when it was stopped without having found an ending yet. The epilogue of Bleach will finally be broadcast from 10 October with the debut of the saga The Millennial War. Waiting for this debut, let’s find out how many episodes and seasons the anime is composed of.

Created under the supervision of Tite Kubo, the Bleach anime at the moment it has a total of 366 episodes divided into sixteen seasons. However, these do not fully respect the run of the manga of the same name, since some of them are fillers.

The first story arc of the Bleach anime is the Saga of the substitute Shinigami, which has no filler and runs from Episode 1 to 20. Here is a summary of Bleach’s Shinigami Substitute Saga. The story goes on with the Soul Society Saga: Infiltration (21-41), which continues with the Soul Society Saga: The Rescue (42-63).

The anime then ventures into the Bount Saga (64-91) and in the Bount Saga: Assault on the Soul Society (92-109), these completely filler. It continues with the Saga of the Arrancars: appearance (110-131), with the Saga of the Arrancars: infiltration into the Hueco Mundo (132-151) and with the Saga of the Arrancars: the battle (152-167). At the end of these there is the filler saga of new captain Shusuke Amagai (168-189). The Saga of the Arrancar against the Shinigami (190-205) takes up the manga.

Then follow the Saga of the past (206-214), the Saga of the Arrancars: decisive battle in Karakura (215-229), the third filler saga of the alternative history of Zanpakuto (230-265) and the Arrancar Saga: the fall (266-316).

Concludes the anime the filler Saga of the invading army of the thirteen Brigades (317-342) and the Saga of the missing Shinigami substitute (343-366). To these first sixteen seasons, Bleach Thousand Year Blood War will add another four seasons.

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