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Hunter x Hunter: Killua will dazzle you in the spectacular statue of FL Studio

by Harry Brown

After more than three years of hiatus, Yoshihiro Togashi is back to work, at a rather fast pace, on the manga of Hunter x Hunter, regularly updating readers on the production with photos of the drafts and plates in preparation. Waiting to know how the story will continue, the artists of FL Studio have dedicated a new figure to Killua.

Apparently a boy passionate about skateboarding and eager to live in freedom, Killua actually hides a dramatically heavy past for a 12-year-old. Born into an illustrious family of assassins and mercenaries, the Zoldicks, from an early age he was forced to endure inhuman trials, and to learn extremely lethal techniques. Over the years, and with the accumulated experience, Killua is capable of killing with speed, elegance and ferocity.

However, many of his abilities were limited by his older brother Illumi, who had implanted one of his needles in his brain. Killua also proved to be a skilled user of Nen, sharing with his father Silva and his Grandfather Zeno the belonging to the group of Transformation, and being able to make his aura similar to pure electricity. And it is precisely this ability of him to be the protagonist of the spectacular figures of FL Studiesor, which you can see below.

Available in late 2022 and early 2023, the statue is highly detailed, depicting Killua surrounded by electric shocks. For anyone interested in the product, it is still possible to pre-order it at the price of 135 euros.

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