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J-POP Manga unveils the news coming out in July 2022

by Harry Brown

With a press release distributed through its official social media, BD and J-POP Manga editions presented the novelties arriving in July 2022. Among the expected titles, we find the new work by Negi Haruba from The Quintessential Quintuplets and Monotone Blue by Nagabe.

A very short time from the announcements of Facts (even more) go Nakamura! and Hiraeth wa Tabiji no Hate, J-POP Manga prepares Italian readers for a rather promising July. From day 6, debuts the first volume of Disqualified – Ranger Reject by Negi Haruba. Behind a heroic facade, the “Saviors of humanity” hide dark secrets. The first five volumes of the series will contain a special postcard depicting the Nakano twins in cos play from Dragon Keepers. On the same day, La Finestra di Orfeo also continues with Volume 9 and Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka with the 14th volume. Additionally, Frieren – Beyond the End of Journey 6 debuts, with Hanako Kun – The Seven Mysteries of Kamome 17 Academy, Kowloon Generic Romance 6, Servamp 17 and Toradora! 10.

From the author of Girl From the Other Side and Love From the Other Side already serialized with J-POP, Monotone Blue debuts!. In a narrative universe where anthropomorphic animals live, the cat Hachi goes to high school in a bored way. One day, the monotony of his days is broken by the arrival of a new classmate, the lizard Aoi. Hyouka Vol. 13, Zelda – Twilight Princess 10, Armed Girl’s Machiavellism 11, Game Of Familia 07, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 8, Don’t Torment Me, Nagatoro! 10, Oshi No Ko 3 and Zombie 100 – 9.

On July 20, it is dedicated to Osamushi Collection. Osamu Tezuka’s adventures continue with Black Jack 8 and The Third Eye. Continue Call Of The Night 3, Dance Dance Danseur 4, I Diari Della Speziale 8, Komi Can’t Communicate 20 and The Otome Empire 14.

The July 27, with the release of the fifth volume, one of the best boys love of the moment, Jealousy, closes. I am a Hero continues with Volume 4, Sword Art Online Novel: Alicization Awakening with volume 17. Also comes Infini-T Force 09, Nuvole A Nord-Ovest 04, Smile Down The Runway 03, The Iron Hero 4 and Tokyo Revengers 17.

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