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Jojo: A summer cosplay of Jolyne Kujo and Trish Una in costume

by Harry Brown

It’s been a long time since Jojo’s fifth series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, ended. Here the protagonist Giorno Giovanna escorted Trish Una, one of the few Jojo girls who appeared in the course of so many episodes and who have distinguished themselves in battle. Now it is the turn of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

The sixth series has upset the usual strategies by putting a female environment as the protagonist. Besides the inevitable Jotaro Kujo, who makes his appearances from time to time in Stone Ocean, the Jojo’s new protagonist is Jolyne Kujo, the daughter, with her Stone Free stand. Jolyne is therefore much more present and important than Trish, which does not mean that both are quite loved by the audience of the series.

The two Italian cosplayers Tohrusama and Mizuki Lilin gathered on the beaches of Rimini on the occasion of the Rimini Comix to create a double cosplay of Jolyne Kujo and Trish Una but in a bathing suit. A very summery cosplay with the details of the costumes reminiscent of the classic dresses of the two Jojo girls, without missing the various black lines that bring out certain aspects, a classic of the David Productions anime.

Waiting for the return, there are already trailers for Jojo Stone Ocean.

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