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Jojo Stone Ocean: trailer and release date for the new episodes of the series

by Harry Brown

Following the numerous discussions that emerged on the net after the publication of the first twelve episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean on Netflix, especially with regard to the poor distribution management of the episodes, the release date of the second tranche of episodes has been confirmed, with the addition of a long and detailed trailer.

The rumors and indiscretions advanced by some users in recent months regarding the release of the second part of the season have proved to be right. The next tranche of episodes dedicated to the complicated story of Jolyne Kujo will arrive on the platform, worldwide on September 1, 2022. It will consist of twelve episodes, as it was for the first part, which will run from 13 to 24. To confirm this release date, the American giant has published the trailer that you can find at the top of the page, with Italian subtitles.

Lasting about two minutes, the promotional video summarizes the current situation of Jolyne also anticipating several scenes, and reiterating the main objective of the antagonist Enrico Pucci: resurrect his dear friend Dio Brando from a bone of his. The main characters, Jolyne, Ermes, FF, Narciso, Weather Forecast, Emporio Alnin and Enrico Pucci are then presented in a quick sequence, before showing an exchange of blows, complete with a stand, between Jolyne and Pucci.

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