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Jojo: Vento Aureo, a cosplay of Trish Una from the Italian Ahri

by Harry Brown

After a long time spent around the world, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is back in Italy with the fifth series. Hirohiko Araki has always loved our country, so much so that a part of Battle Tendency is set here. But it is with Vento Aureo that the peninsula is really explored, starting from Naples and Capri.

In the Neapolitan area develops the core of protagonists led by the criminal Bruno Bucciarati, who has found the help of a Giovanna Day who is the main character of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo. The son of Dio Brando has a dream to carry on and will have the way to do it meeting Trish Unadaughter of the mysterious boss of Passione.

Trish Una will be the girl to defend – at least in the early stages, before she developed hers Spice Girls booth – which could be an important clue to get on the trail of the most powerful criminal. The young woman will be fundamental in this journey, acting both as a bait and as a fighter to help the protagonists.

Italian cosplayer Ahri made a cosplay right on Trish Unawith her phosphorescent hair and the various design traits that distinguish the style of Araki and the products derived from his manga.

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