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Jujutsu Kaisen 190 is on Manga Plus: new rules and threats in the Culling Game

by Harry Brown

The new phase of the Culling Game narrated in the most recent chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen stars Panda and Hakari, secondary members of Yuji and Megumi’s team. In the second colony of Tokyo, the two found themselves against Kashimo, one of their targets, who proved to be a formidable opponent.

In the chapter 190, available on the website and on the Manga Plus application, Gege Akutami brings readers back to the battlefield immediately. The port and adjacent areas were flooded by the explosion caused by Kashimo underwater at the end of the previous appointment. By transforming all the cursed energy into heat energy, Kashimo managed to cause an incredible explosion, investing in full Hakari.

Kinji has lost part of his left arm, but still manages to surprise the opponent with a well-aimed blow. As Haraki himself explains, he managed to survive by relocating the energy first used to protect his left arm on the rest of the body. Given the conditions of both, Hakari proposes to Kashimo to discuss a deal.

As we see a little Panda enter the scene, a quick sequence leads us to understand how the two managed to establish a pact. Thanks to Kashimo’s collaboration, another rule has been added to the rulebook: from now on each player can give as many points as he wants to another competitor. Shortly after Kinji returns to Charles Bernard, the eccentric mangaka he met previously, and as soon as the two start talking, Nishimiya enters the scene, illustrating to the protagonist the three new rules they are processing, since the last addition.

The first concerns the possibility of spending points to get someone in their place in the tournament, the second the disabling of communications and signals between the colonies, and the third is to guarantee the freedom to enter or leave individual colonies. Nishimiya also explains that Maki is able to freely pass through barriers.

The final tables are dedicated to Maki who finds himself in front of Noritoshi in one of the Shiroyama tunnels. The chapter ends with the entrance of a mysterious, and disturbing, curse in one of the tournament colonies.

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