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Kodansha chaos in simulpubs: does the company want to launch its MangaPlus?

by Harry Brown

Kodansha is one of the most famous publishing houses in Japan. Always competing with rivals Shueisha and Shogakukan, for decades it was the non plus ultra for mangaka who wanted to publish their stories. Although nowadays the numbers have reduced a lot, the company is always very active, even abroad.

For example, it was one of the first publishing houses to sell the rights of its manga abroad to simulpub services. In fact, the collaboration with Crunchyroll for the weekly chapters of series such as Fairy Tail, The attack of the Giants, The Seven Deadly Sins and not only. Recently, the company had also published its chapters in English on Comixology and the simulpub service with Azuki subscription. Unfortunately, however, in the last month there seems to have been a sudden change of course.

Azuki announced in early June the interruption of the publication of Grand Blue, which was then also discontinued on other services that offered chapters in English. Very similar treatment but more “indefinite” for other titles such as EDENS ZERO, Four Knights of Apocalypse and many others always from Kodansha, which at the moment they are no longer translated into simulpub. So fans who have been able to rely on these platforms to read the titles legally for so many years have found themselves having to turn to the piracy and amateur translation market.

The interruption, which as the Azuki portal underlines was wanted by the publishing house itself, could however bring Kodansha to create its own official streaming service for the chapters in simulpub, similar to what Shueisha is doing with the excellent MangaPlus. So is a world-class rival about to be born for the ONE PIECE portal and company?

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