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Konosuba: a cosplay of Megumin, the sorceress in red from the anime

by Harry Brown

There are so many isekai nowadays. The genre has undergone a surge in the title park for more than ten years now, relying on thick titles such as Sword Art Online and Rising of the Shield Hero. However, among the best known names in this panorama there is also Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo !, alias Konosuba.

Konosuba was born from a series of light novels, as well as many other titles of this genre, and has then enjoyed manga and especially anime adaptations, which have increased its popularity. The story revolves around poor student Kazuma Satou, involved in a pathetic and unpleasant death, but before he expires completely he will have to make a choice, set them by the goddess Aqua: reincarnate in another world or go to heaven. Kazuma will choose the first, finding himself in a fantasy world accompanied by Aqua, but soon the group will be reinvigorated with the arrival of other elements.

The first to join the protagonist is the witch of the Crimson Magic clan called Megumin, who will immediately prove to be important for this group in the fantasy world. By virtue of her sympathy and her presence in Konosuba, Neyrodesu has created a Megumin cosplay with all the trappings. And always on her, do not miss the statuette dedicated to the Konosuba sorceress.

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