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Life as a Slime: That’s when the Scarlet Bound movie hits the west

by Harry Brown

Slime life certainly represents an interesting product, capable of building its own position in the vast panorama of the isekai, and considering the now discreet popularity achieved by both the original light novels and the animated transposition, fans are waiting to know what awaits them in the film Vita da Slime: Scarlet Bound.

The latest updates regarding the film date back to March 2022, where a short trailer was released that presented the new project of the 8-bit studio. Crunchyroll, one of the most important sites and platforms in the sector, announced the main news. The film in question, entitled That Time I Got Reincarneted as a Slime: Scarlet Bonds, will be distributed all over the world, excluding the Asian continent, in early 2023.

It has already been confirmed that the film will be released in Japan in November 2022, and that the story, although totally conceived for the film, was written by Fuse, original author of the series of light novels on which both the manga than anime. This it will take place in the nation of Razha, west of Tempest, where Limur and his companions become involved in a conspiracy that revolves around a girl with mysterious powers. To announce the film’s western debut, Crunchyroll also released the previous one trailer with English subtitleswhich you can find at the top of the news.

To conclude we leave you to the quotes of Dragon Ball and Street Fighter in one of the anime clashes.

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