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Lum, trailer and details for the re-release of the anime

by Harry Brown

The release date of the re-edition of Lum’s anime is getting closer and closer, but the expectation grows with a new promotional video published by the staff. Here are trailers and details for theLum’s souls (2022).

A new teaser trailer for the remake of Lum has been released through the official pages of the series. Pending its release, scheduled for October 13, the PV allows viewers to preview the acclaimed romantic comedy from Rumiko Takahashi manga series of 1978-1987.

The Earth is suddenly invaded by a UFO from which a beautiful one comes out Space alien princess known by the name of Lum (Lum in the Italian edition). To prevent humanity from succumbing to the alien invaders, the boy Ataru Moroboshi is invited to take part in a game that will decide the fate of the planet. Ataru has 10 days to touch Lum’s horns or Earth will succumb.

In addition to the narrative premise, the clip reveals more details about the opening and closing songs of the anime. Both the opening “AIUE” (ABCD) and the ending “Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous” are made by the artist MAISONdes. The opening theme presents the featuring of Minami and SAKURAmoti, while the closing theme that of the virtual singer Kaf and the band Tsumiki.

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