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Manga Up: readers furious with the platform, here are the inconceivable complaints inserted

by Harry Brown

A few days ago the Manga Up project started! Global, a transformation of the Japanese platform of Square Enix which aims to bring its best-known titles also abroad, by translating them into English. There are many names present, from Fullmetal Alchemist to the most recent Kakegurui, Yomi no Tsugai and My Dress-Up Darling.

The ability to buy the chapters and read them simultaneously with the release in Japan was tempting to a large slice of the public around the world, who were only waiting for a way to legally read the chapters of the various manga of the publishing house. Unfortunately, however, one thing was immediately clear: the presence of a very extensive and intrusive censorship in Manga Up.

The reports have flocked in abundance all over the web, including on Twitter, where some users have collected the images. At the center is often My Dress-Up Darling, with the costume and panties of Marin Kitagawa always censored by a flashy black bar. Other costumes in other manga were also censored for no reason, while the most absurd censorship sees the black bar present on a pair of jeans that had no erotic traits.

The publisher responded practically immediately with a statement, where it states that “In view of the policies of each platform, some changes were required to publish the app abroad (this is not limited only to publications in English). an exploratory phase e we will work to improve as we listen to your feedback. Meanwhile, some of the content is available uncensored through other official channels, so please continue to support the authors. Thanks for your patience.”

Manga Up Global then responded immediately, but the risk is that this will turn into a big problem which will only give more strength to some groups of scanlators who will decide to bring the original product and without additional censorship. This also hasn’t stopped other controversies, with people accusing the publishing house of dividing chapters into several parts and therefore making a single chapter cost much more.

Instead, many have suggested to Manga Up Global to follow the example of Manga Plus which continues to grow all over the world.

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