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Mashle, the anime will adapt the manga to the “complete”: what does it mean?

by Harry Brown

Among the various Weekly Shonen Jump comics that have gained traction in recent years is Mashlean action comedy that turns out to be a particular cross between Harry Potter and One-Punch Man. A rather apt wording for this guy who, devoid of any magic, makes his way into a world of spells with his fists.

Its success was moderate and for this reason it convinced some productions to invest in the project, giving birth to the Mashle anime. For now there is very little to consider: a key visual, a teaser trailer and little else, with time providing more details on the studio, production, staff and cast involved. In the meantime, however, in the Mashle anime promotional material a certain wording appears.

It seems in fact that Mashle will be a “complete” adaptation. What does it mean? It has been known for some time that the Komoto manga is in the final stages. Despite his young age, just over ten volumes published at home, the final arc and therefore the last battle will come shortly. Consequently, with the manga coming to an end, Mashle’s anime will adapt the whole story.

It is not known how many episodes will be and if there will be cuts or structural changes to the project, in such a way as to fit everything together in a single season.

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