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Monotone Blue, Nagabe’s new work debuts with J-POP Manga

by Harry Brown

Through a press release published on social media, J-POP Manga presented Monotone Blue, the new work by the author of Girl From the Other Side, Love From the Other Side and Wizdoms. In this sweet boys love, Nagabe takes readers to discover themselves and their true nature.

Among the July 2022 releases of J-POP Manga there will also be Monotone Blue, Nagabe’s new work that debuts in our local comics since mid-month. After Girl From the Other Side with J-POP Manga the July 13 the last, intense boys love of the young mangaka also arrives.

In a parallel universe inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, the cat Hachi is a high school student who lives his life bored, unable to find anything or anyone who interests him or is passionate about. His life is a limbo of boredom, but only until the lizard Aoi moves to his school populated by mammals. Unlike Hachi, Aoi’s life is troubled, as he is alien to any other species. One day, however, Hachi spots something that Aoi wanted to keep secret. An intense blue, he awakens the cat from his torpor.

In this single volumeavailable for purchase at the standard price of € 6.90, Nagabe returns to amaze readers with fascinating and complex relationships, which break down any gender and race label.

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