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My Hero Academia 356: the real meaning behind the name of Endeavor

by Harry Brown

Endeavor is experiencing probably one of the most complicated moments of its life. The public defamation that started from Dabi’s message, transmitted throughout Japan, the responsibilities linked to his role, and the emotional fragility resulting from the most recent events, could undermine one of the most important characters of My Hero Academia.

In the past the Todoroki family has suffered many traumas, first of all the disappearance of the firstborn Toya, later revealed to be the Villain Dabi, recently defeated by his younger brother Shoto. The desire to be the best Hero of all time led Endeavor to embark on a selfish path. However, as reiterated in the concluding tables of chapter 356, the only thing that allowed to Enji to move forward is to prove to himself that he is not weak.

Every day, seeing the successes of others, Enji has had to deal with his own insecurities and weaknesses, trying to counter them and prove its true worth like Pro Hero. Revelations that make the character much deeper, and at the same time give meaning to his name as a Hero. Endeavor can be translated with the nouns “effort” or “business“, And with the verbs” groped to “or” try to “, almost as if Enji wanted to continue to achieve more and more, to constantly motivate himself.

Finally, we leave you to the complete summary of chapter 357 of My Hero Academia, and to the cover of volume 35.

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