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My Hero Academia 357: the fury of Endeavor becomes in color thanks to a fan

by Harry Brown

Constantly grappling with the weight of past actions to prove itself the best, Endeavor has embarked on a path of redemption. In chapter 357 of My Hero Academia the Pro Hero has shown that it wants to stop the more than concrete threat of All For One, showing off an incredibly powerful attack.

Aware of the situation and the danger of the Villain, but also the possibility of attacking him and inflicting massive damage on him, after the blows inflicted on the All For One by Hawks, Tsukuyomi and Kyoka, Enji returns to the battlefield unleashing all the fury of a wounded hero. The negativity of thoughts, the responsibilities of being Number One, the tragic situation of his familyall this comes together and takes shape in a fiery fist, the protagonist of a fantastic table, rendered in color by the artist @wildfirematt.

The enthusiast shared on social media the coloring he gave to the page signed by Horikoshi, making a lot the moment lived by Enji was more vivid and spectacular. The suit that at times seems to be on fire with the same flames that come out of the right arm, ready to hurl the blow, the blood on the shoulder and on the face, the completely white eye for underline the anger of Enji, all details that stand out a lot in this splendid tribute. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Finally we leave you to the spoilers of chapter 358 of My Hero Academia.

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