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My Hero Academia 357: the roar of a wounded lion

by Harry Brown

After confronting the skeletons in his closet firsthand, Endeavor launched an attack again. Stopping All For One is his responsibility, but protecting Hawks, Jiro and Fumikage cost him a limb. Despite the injury, Number One’s blood My Hero Academia seething with anger.

Endeavor’s right arm has been severed by the Symbol of Fear attack, but as we see in My Hero Academia 357 there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded hero. By controlling the flames of him, in fact, the Number One manages to make up for the lack of him by giving shape to a arm made of fire.

With the help of Hawks, Endeavor manages to hit All For One with a Jet Burn. The battle moves from heaven to earth, with the Flame Hero that unleashes a real hell. The Symbol of Fear, without his helmet anymore, can no longer master his body and with a last desperate attempt tries to steal the Quirk from the hero. Endeavor, however, burns so intensely that the antagonist’s hand is charred. Here is the fury of the Number One in a color fanart of My Hero Academia.

After imagining the future of his son Shoto, Endeavor decides to end it all. Confident that All For One doesn’t have a Regeneration Quirk, he squeezes it in a vise that sets it in flames. The Symbol of Fear is dead, or at least that’s what Endeavor believes.

Hawks, orders his partner to flee immediately. All For One is still alive and well: even the Villain, when injured, are even more dangerous. Between endless loopholes of All For One, there is Overhaul’s plan. Somehow, he harnessed Eri’s power to regenerate her body. On his face, an eye and a mouth appear.

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