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My Hero Academia 357: the terror that a great Pro Hero can instill

by Harry Brown

Between exchanges of devastating blows and provocations to the limit of endurance, the battle between Endeavor and All For One has moved on the mental plane, both of the Pro Hero and the Villain. In chapter 357 of My Hero Academia Horikoshi introduced readers to the thoughts and concerns of both characters, focusing on painful memories.

In addition to the insight into the character of Enji Todoroki, characterized by weaknesses, insecurities and a lot of willpower, the real engine of his career as a Pro Hero, the author also showed a vulnerable side of the incarnation of chaos. All For Oneaware of the inner rebellion of the stolen Quirks and the dangerous attacks received so far, thinks back to the humiliation suffered during the fight with All Might.

One of the most intense and suffered battles of the entire history, where the extraordinary power of the former Symbol of Peace has brutally invested the Villain. Now, in the present, facing Endeavor, All For One rethinks the sense of danger and pain felt in the fight with All Might. A thought to which little space is given but which is significant in a double reading.

In the first place, it better defines how important, and destructive, that battle for All For One was, and represents a sort of metaphor for theinheritance of the title of Number One obtained by Endeavor. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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