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My Hero Academia 358: a devastating explosive arsenal

by Harry Brown

One fight after another, My Hero Academia it is making its way towards the epilogue of the Final Act. Waiting to discover the fate of the Number One, engaged in the most difficult of battles, it is Katsuki Bakugo who takes the show in hand. Here is his deadly explosive arsenal provided by the support section.

My Hero Academia 358 returns to deal with the war scenario that sees the Heroes engaged in facing the threat of Tomura Shigaraki. Although his Quirks have been canceled by the cancellation of Eraserhead and Monoma, the young king of the Villains is using his genetic mutation to make a clean sweep of his opponents.

In the flying fortress of the Yuei, no one can resist the fury of Shigaraki, which alone is putting heroes of the caliber of Mirko, Edgeshot, Best Jeanist, Suneater and Nejire Hado in serious difficulty. Short on options, these rely on Katsuki Bakugo’s arsenal.

Unnerved by the situation, and by the words of the opponent, Kacchan pulls out the upgrade to his equipment, provided by the support section. The Strafe Panzer Suppressive Heavy Mobile Unitis a sort of small tank, equipped with heavy artillery, which takes shape on the shoulders of the young hero of the Yuei.

With a terrifying missile salvo, fired from the cannons on his shoulders, Bakugo repels Shigaraki’s mutant fingers, providing an opening towards the main body. His explosive team play of My Hero Academia 358 finally allows him to unleash his final move. We will see with the release of My Hero Academia 359 if this explosive impact will be enough to bring down Tomura. In your opinion, will it be enough or will Bakugo be saved by the intervention of Midoriya, who is racing against time?

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