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My Hero Academia 358: a team game bomber

by Harry Brown

Abandoned the battle between Endeavor and All For One of My Hero Academia 357, the next chapter of thethe work of Kohei Horikoshi turns the page taking you to another battlefield you have already explored before. Tomura Shigaraki’s fury threatens the Heroes!

Back high in the sky, in the flying fortress of Yuei High School, in My Hero Academia 358 resumes the battle against Shigaraki, who uses his mutant evolution to attack all the heroes who have dared to face him.

Suneater and Nejire Hado, but also professional heroes Best Jeanist, Mirko and Edgeshot, I’m on the defensive, be careful to dodge the Villain’s destructive hands. The goal is to avoid getting hit and then be able to attack the main body.

The selfish words of Shigaraki / All For One, which praise his distorted vision, tire Bakugo, who unleashes his explosive arsenal provided by the support section. In My Hero Academia 358 he takes charge of evil with an explosive machine gun, allowing the other companions to fight back. Finally, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, Kacchan’s bizarre hero name, propelled by the efforts of all friends alongside him, launches his final blow, the Howitzer Impact Cluster Bomb. Will this “ultimate” be enough to stop Shigaraki, or will we have to wait for Deku’s intervention?

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