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My Hero Academia 358: an explosive machine gun against evil

by Harry Brown

The one between Deku and Shiragaki is a dualism that will be carried forward until the end of My Hero Academia. The two found themselves inheriting two of the most powerful quirks ever, both grew up with a particular master and both now hold the fate not only of Japan but of the whole world in their hands.

For now, the manga puts aside Endeavor’s fury and All for One’s cliffhanger to bring back to the flying fortress. My Hero Academia 358 it focuses on Tomura Shigaraki who, despite his quirks being blocked by Eraserhead and Monoma, still manages to use his disproportionate cell growth to attack and block enemy heroes. Nejire, Mirko, Tamaki, Edgeshot and all the others attack and defend to try to breach, all this while other characters like Kaminari and Yaoyorozu are giving their all to keep the base standing.

It is at this stage that Katsuki Bakugo begins to shine, the explosive 1-A guy who realizes he is not alone and that this enemy must be fought all together. By unleashing a new armament from the research and development department, he creates a new attack that manages to break through Shigaraki’s defenses. With his Howitzer Impact, however, the final page of the chapter of My Hero Academia starts, leaving with another cliffhanger. Will he be able to hurt the enemy?

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