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My Hero Academia 362: has the end really come for that young Hero?

by Harry Brown

The final war between Heroes and Villains now seems to have reached several points of no return. The story of Midoriya and her companions has been studded with sacrifices and important losses, and in the concluding tables of chapter 362 the author seems to have taken an extreme decision, seriously injuring one of the most important characters.

After the intense clash between Shoto and Dabi, and the bloody battle, still ongoing, between Endeavor and All For One, the author focused on representing the heroic efforts made by the young Katsuki Bakugo to try to counter the destruction of Tomura Shigaraki. As much as the young Hero used his best techniques, he found himself being saved by the Big Three, with his right arm broken, and the right part of the face totally disfigured.

The injuries sustained physically, and the suffering due to being inferior to both his opponent and his close friend Deku, led Bakugo to intervene again. Driven by an unwavering willpower Dynamight attempted to strike Shigaraki, only to be fully invested by the power of the Villain. Bakugo’s heart was hit by Shigaraki’s latest attack. An act of incredible heroism has turned into a poignant table, with the boy lying on the ground, staring into space and a worrying patch of blood at chest height.

Fans have already begun to theorize about his probable death, and the hypothetical reactions Deku, once he gets to his teammates, might have seeing Kacchan that way. What’s your idea about it? Tell us in the comments.

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