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My Hero Academia 362 is on MangaPlus: a rain that takes away all hope

by Harry Brown

The war between Heroes and Villains that is taking place in the pages of My Hero Academia it has reached a new, explosive phase. After Shoto and Endeavor, now Katsuki Bakugo plays the leading role in one of the bloodiest battles, and her explosive character risks putting him in grave danger

Chapter 362 of My Hero Academia, titled “The light dissolves in the rain”, And available on MangaPlus opens with a frantic return to the battlefield. The attack combo of Yuei’s Big Three, and the impressive blow thrown by Amajiki in the final tables of the last appointment, seem to actually be able to put in trouble Shigarakiwho despite everything remains standing, wounded, but still sure of his abilities.

Given the commitment that his companions are putting into the fight, Bakugo stands up, and walks away from Blue Jeanist. Astounding everyone, Dynamight manages to predict and avoid a lightning-fast attack from Shigaraki. In an attempt to touch the Villain and cause yet another explosion, it is explained to readers that the excessive production and concentration of sweat has led to a lesion of the sweat glands of the hands. This is why these glands have spread throughout Bakugo’s body, a phenomenon that allows the boy to move and act fasterand perhaps even to predict the opponent’s moves.

Addressing an ethereal manifestation of All MIght, and remembering one of the moments of his childhood, alongside his friend Deku, Bakugo is hit by one of Shigaraki’s attacks. Although the Big Three and Mirko try to stop the Villain’s attack, it reaches Bakugo’s heart, who greets the readers with a blank stare, while rain clouds form in the sky.

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