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My Hero Academia 362, the death of a dream: a heart stops

by Harry Brown

L’Final Act of My Hero Academia seems to have reached a sensational turning point. In the past, Kohei Horikoshi had proclaimed that a main protagonist would leave us at some point in the play. That moment seems to have come with chapter 362.

The fate of the clash with Tomura Shigaraki are in the hands of Amajiki, to which his teammates have entrusted the last attack. Taking on the hopes of those who believed in him, Suneater launches his final move, the Plasma Cannon Cornucopia Combination. However, even this strike proves to be ineffective. Tomura Shigaraki, or rather All For One, is of another category compared to those present, who can not do anything while joining forces.

At that point, a young hero gets back into the game. Despite the previous defeat and serious injuries, Bakugo is on his feet again, ready to go on the attack. Best Jeanist begs him to stop, but Dynamight fails to accept the harsh truth imposed by Shigaraki and makes a promise to himself: to try to outdo his rival Deku.

Due to the tension of the battle, the Quirk Kacchan’s Blast has evolved. The nitroglycerin-like sweat he generated impregnated his whole body in search of a way out and the continuous internal explosions caused an increase in the speed of his movements.

However, thinking back to the second vestige of One For All, whose physical appearance is almost identical to Bakugo, All For One explodes with anger and promises death. Kacchan’s last thought is for All Might, who has never been able to ask for an autograph. The rain falls suddenly and copiously on the battlefield: Dynamight’s heart has stopped beating. The ending of My Hero Academia 362 turns off all explosions.

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