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My Hero Academia: between destruction, anomalies and reflections on the past

by Harry Brown

L’Final Act of My Hero Academia continues carrying on the terrible battle that sees numerous Heroes succumb to the excessive power of Tomura Shigaraki. To resist him, there are only three, promising young heroes on whom society pinned its hopes.

After having fun with Katsuki Bakugo and some of the best Pro Heroes around, Shigaraki takes on a new challenge in My Hero Academia 361. Are the Big Three of the UA Highschool to put a spoke in the wheel, waiting for Deku who is running to them.

The words previously spoken by Mirio Togata take effect in an unpredictable way. The small Tenko Shimura is still alive inside a body which, to all intents and purposes, is now owned by All For One.

Across the memory of his childhood friends, Mi and Tomo, Shigaraki momentarily recovers his reason in a fit of anger that shakes even Lemillion. The villain’s reaction is the worst, as he unleashes his power of him like never before. All For One, however, intervenes to silence little Tenko and recover the control over his puppet.

At that point, Mirio, who realizes how insufficient his combo with Nejire Hado was to cause damage in Tomura, entrust the last blow to his friend Tamaki. Suneater, however, needs time, and to give him a moment of equality and preparation are Best Jeanist and Nejire, who in My Hero Academia 361 recalls her promising past and the dawn of friendship with her two classmates. Finally, Tamaki is ready to launch his powerful final attack and write the epilogue of this terrible battle. But will it really be enough to stop Shigaraki / All For One?

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