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My Hero Academia: trailers, synopsis and images for the first two episodes of Season 6

by Harry Brown

The release of My Hero Academia Season 6 is now around the corner, but in view of the premiere, some official images of the first episode of this new adventure have been published. As if that were not enough, a commercial has also emerged for the second episode, which will have Mirko as the absolute protagonist.

Now a few turns of the clock from the debut, My Hero Academia Season 6 it is shown in absolute preview in some stills published on the net. To share the images and the synopsis of My Hero Academia 6×01 taken from the official website is the Twitter insider @WSJ_manga.

Through his espionage activity Hawks was able to retrieve vital information on the position of Shigaraki, who is in the hands of the doctor who gave birth to the Nomu. The society of heroes is on the brink of a war and the Heroes are ready to put their lives on the line: the clash with the villains led by Tomura Shigaraki is about to begin.

The first four images you find at the bottom of the article each focus on a different professional hero, Endeavor, Hawks, Mirko and Eraserhead. The remaining ones four stills showcase the army of Heroes, a small group of students from Classes 1-A and 1-B of the Yuei High School, the trio formed by Bakugo, Iida and Todoroki, and finally Izuku Midoriya. This large group of heroes will be tasked with stopping Tomura Shigaraki and his men, who have joined forces with King-Destro’s group. The battle won’t be that easy though.

A commercial was then released for the second episode of My Hero Academia 6. The clip sees theheroine rabbit Mirko launch one of his famous kicks. Viewers would do well to keep her eyes on her. In the second episode of Season 6, while Endeavor and the other Heroes engage in battle at Jaku’s hospital, Mirko precedes everyone by launching herself alone in pursuit of Doctor Garaki.

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