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Naruto: A Sakura Haruno cosplay brave in battle

by Harry Brown

The Naruto manga was packed with events. Over the course of 72 volumes, not counting the spin-offs and the sequel Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, Masashi Kishimoto told all the growth of the blond ninja who as a young reckless student of the academy managed to realize his dream becoming Hokage.

A very long period of time that served him and his friends to grow and mature, facing various challenges and difficulties, including Fourth Great Ninja War. This event, stemming from Tobi and Madara’s desire to conquer the world and wrap it in the eternal hypnosis of the great chakra tree, has occupied much of the final volumes of Naruto. At this juncture everyone was forced to take the field against the enemies, even Sakura Haruno.

A medical ninja, she was tasked with caring for the wounded and therefore did not initially take to the main battlefield. However, various situations forced her to fight anyway. And here it is Sakura Haruno in a cosplay with a dress of war, a green jacket and a blue jumpsuit, plus a shuriken in his hands. The Byakugo’s seal is already stamped on his forehead and is ready to give her new strength. What do you think?

Meanwhile, Naruto fans have argued over the writing of female characters, including Sakura ..

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