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Naruto Saga is back on newsstands: between novels, guides and Rock Lee

by Harry Brown

The great success of Naruto Color on newsstands has led La Gazzetta dello Sport to draw up a new editorial plan that will include a single collection, in forty issues, to fully understand what the manga does not tell. Coming soon, in newsstand comes Naruto Saga.

After publishing the 72 original volumes of the work of cult of Masashi Kishimoto, entirely in color, the Gazzetta dello Sport is back on newsstands with a new initiative, always centered on the world of Naruto. Kaguya was defeated, but Naruto and Sasuke faced other new adventures.

The new series consists of 40 outputs, which include the Rock Lee spin-off saga, the official guide to the manga and other official books, and the novels released, including The Seventh Hokage and the Red March. This collection, which delves into Naruto’s narrative universe, is a must for fans of the exuberant ninja of the Leaf Village who dreamed of becoming Hokage.

The publication of the volumes, probably weekly, should take place already in month of July, but at the moment no certain information has yet been disclosed. At the moment, La Gazzetta dello Sport publishes Haikyu !!.

The first volume to be released will be Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Red March. From the second issue up to the eighth, it will be published Naruto Manga: Rock Lee – Prowess of a young ninja, Kenji Taira’s chibi-style spin-off that follows the events of Team Gai. The series then continues with the release of other adaptations of the novel and official guides.

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