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New anime are added to Crunchyroll’s summer schedule

by Harry Brown

To escape from the heat, Crunchyroll proposes a pretty good program consisting of anime series in quantity and air conditioning. To the series of the 2022 summer schedule, three other titles are added: here are the news that we will see in streaming over the next few weeks.

For some time, Crunchyroll has presented the summer schedule. To the news already announced, others are added three, awaited works that will keep the spectators company in these hot months. The triptych includes Extreme Hearts, Hanabi-chan is Often Late and Love Live! Superstar!!.

Taken from the manga of the same name written by Ranpu Shirogane and illustrated by Mamimu, Hanabi-chan is Often Late is produced by Gaina, under the direction of Hiromitsu Kanazawa. The staff includes Asami Sodeyama and Tsukasa Yatoki as character designer and composer of the music.

Extreme Hearts, follows the story of a singer who joins sports of various kinds to take part in a competition in which the use of enhanced equipment is allowed. To discover the series, here are the protagonists in three trailers of Extreme Hearts.

The first season of Love Live! Superstar!! is set in the Yuigaoka Girls’ High School. Recently inaugurated, it cannot count on a famous story, on veterans or on a reputation to appeal to in order to enroll students. Five girls led by Kanon Shibuya take part in the “School Idol Project”.

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