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ONE PIECE 1056 is on MangaPlus: a long-awaited departure

by Harry Brown

The Onigashima War is now over. The dawn of a new era rises on the coasts of Wano and while the Shogun Momonosuke demonstrates that he knows how to defend his country, the Mugiwara prepare to leave for their next destination. Before leaving those boundaries behind, however, there are some issues to clarify and unexpected surprises.

Chapter 1056 of ONE PIECE, entitled “Cross Guild“, And now available on MangaPlus, opens with Kin’emon’s heartfelt apologies for not being alongside Raizo and Shinobu during Admiral Ryokugyu’s attack. The scene then shifts to the appearance of one of the community’s favorite characters: Carrot. Since Nekomamushi and Inuarashi intend to stay in Wano to protect Momo, the girl is elected Zou’s ruler.

A transaction takes us back to the flower capital, where Sukiyaki reveals herself to Momonosuke. The young shogun bursts into tears, having rediscovered a relative and an important ally in driving the country. Meanwhile, Nico Robin tells his companions about Pluton and what is reported on the Road Poignee Griffe seen in the last chapter. Shortly after, Shinobu arrives, incredibly rejuvenated, and little Tama, but in the shadows, having listened to the important information given by the archaeologist, there is Caribou.

A few days later Momo goes to the Mugiwara’s rooms, only to find that they are leaving. Meanwhile at the port of Udon Luffy, Kidd and Law they discuss the direction to take with their respective ships. In an angry gesture, Kidd shows his rivals a poster he portrays Buggy, Mihawk and Crocodile. The unpredictable trio would have founded the Cross Guild society, which gives title to the chapter, placing bounties on the heads of members of the Navy.

As the three captains continue to argue, and a reference to a certain man with the scarred fire pops up, Yamato, on the top of the Capital of Flowers decides to leave with Luffy and live as Kozuki Oden.

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