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ONE PIECE: a Bibi cosplay in Alabasta version

by Harry Brown

Miss Wednesday was an enemy. The member of Baroque Works seemed to have to inflict damage on the protagonists of ONE PIECE, at least initially. Only a thorough knowledge between the two led to know the true identity of this character, actually Bibi, a girl who will become great friends with Nami and the rest of the crew.

Bibi was formally part of the Mugiwara traveling with them on various islands, until she greeted them in Alabasta, with the kingdom that necessarily needed her. Their greeting at the end of the Alabasta saga is one of the best moments of ONE PIECE which even today convinces many people to tattoo that X on their wrist, in memory of that moment.

Today, however, we see another type of ONE PIECE themed creation, a cosplay dedicated to Bibi. The princess of the Nefertari lineage is one of the favorite characters of Anastasia Komori, a cosplayer who in the past has dedicated herself a lot to the world of Eiichiro Oda. Wearing Arabic-inspired clothing that has also been used in the manga and anime, Komori posted some photos of her with her truly fascinating version of Bibi.

Now all that remains is to understand what happened to the Reverie and how the beloved princess was involved.

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