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ONE PIECE: a new character could be linked to Akainu, here’s why

by Harry Brown

Chapter 1061 of ONE PIECE has reserved many surprises for the straw hat pirates, but also for readers. Finally the protagonists meet one of the most mysterious and awaited figures of the manga, a character who could decree a clear change of pace in this final saga. But Eiichiro Oda may have thought of other surprises.

In the same chapter, a place located on an island near Egghead is presented. In this navy base, there is Helmeppo of the SWORD who begs Pringe Grus to ask for the Seraphim to go and rescue Koby, the captain kidnapped by Blackbeard in the previous chapters of ONE PIECE. At his side is Hibari, a new character who has never been seen before. The girl, however, has a peculiarity.

As Sandman points out, always attentive to certain information on the world of ONE PIECE, Hibari speaks with the Hiroshima dialect, it is therefore a particular way of speaking that is recognized by those who know Japanese and which unfortunately is lost during translations into other languages. But there is another character who speaks like this: Akainu.

Not much is known about Akainu, whether he is married or has sons or daughters. Considering that Oda hardly chooses particularities by chance, it is It is possible that Akainu and Hibari are related in some way. The two could be father and daughter, generic relatives or simply born on the same island. What relationship do you think the two characters have? Maybe we’ll find out already in ONE PIECE 1062.

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