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ONE PIECE: a Yamato cosplay faithful to the character

by Harry Brown

From the Wano saga and some statements by Eiichiro Oda, it was clear that a new member would join the Mugiwara. The crew of the protagonists of ONE PIECE would have expanded further with another character, who for a long time was thought to be Carrot, and instead with the arrival in Onigashima another reality has emerged.

Kaido’s daughter Yamato has stepped forward to join Luffy’s crew. Throughout the war, she has fought alongside the protagonists of ONE PIECE and asserted herself, freeing herself from the influence of her hated father. Now Yamato is even more determined to become a Mugiwara, but we will have to wait for a response from Luffy. You will have to wait a few more weeks before adequately knowing the future of the character, who in the meantime has already carved out space in the hearts of the public.

Despite being a recent introduction to the saga, ONE PIECE fans have honored Yamato with various cosplay. One of the last to make a sensation on the net was that of Ninjadeelee, with the model who wore Yamato’s white dress, adding horns, mace and other objects to look a lot like her. The result is really great, as you can see in the photos enclosed in the post below.

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