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ONE PIECE: Hana Bunny in a Zou-style Nami cosplay

by Harry Brown

During the Dressrosa saga, part of the straw hat pirates moved away from the island to head towards Zou, the new destination that would have been fundamental in the plans of the protagonists of ONE PIECE. In this group there was also Nami, the navigator who therefore landed in advance of her long-time companions.

And, as always, also on this occasion Nami decided to change clothes. No more swimsuit and jeans, in their place was a long purple dress she had received from mink Wanda. She dressed up differently, she with that dress she managed to make a splash in the audience. However, this dress did not last long since the Zou saga was one of the shortest in recent times and consequently was immediately put aside at the departure for Whole Cake Island.

To remember it, however, we can observe the new Nami cosplay in Zou’s dress created by Hana Bunny, one of the most popular cosplayers on Instagram. Everything recalls that version of the navigator, from the long dress to the beads between hair and shoulders. Obviously this is not the only version reproduced in recent times: here is a cosplay of Nami dressed as a bride and also a double cosplay with Nami VS Kalifa taken from Enies Lobby.

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