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ONE PIECE: here’s who could have the last Poneglyph after Kid’s words

by Harry Brown

The world of ONE PIECE is changing. The situation in Wano has completely destroyed the world balance, and has certainly not helped the decision taken at Levely to cancel the rights of the Fleet of Seven, dissolving the group and making them wanted again. The rise of the new emperors and the Buggy organization opens a new era.

An era that, however, will be won by only one person, the one who will be able to reach the One Piece first. Joy Boy’s treasure and left by Gol D. Roger in Laugh Tale is everyone’s goal, but to achieve it it is necessary get your hands on the four Road Poneglyphs. The recent Road to Laugh Tale analyzed three islands in the world of ONE PIECE where the last stone could be hidden, while chapter 1056 has leaked very important information.

Kid’s words are very clear: a man marked by fire knows something about it, or is in possession of it. Who is this person? The clues seem to inevitably lead to Sabo, Luffy’s half-brother and now one of the most important personalities in the whole world. And, at this point, he would also make sense of Vira as the final location for the Road Poneglyph. Other characters could be Dragon and Aokiji, although the theories supporting these two are far less solid than those related to Sabo. And who do you think has the latest Road Poneglyph?

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