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ONE PIECE: How does Eiichiro Oda draw with the weak hand?

by Harry Brown

Knowing how to draw with a weak hand is not easy and everyone, at least once, tried to see the result. Not even Eiichiro Oda, the creator of ONE PIECEcan certainly boast of being able to draw with both hands given the attempts shown to readers some time ago.

ONE PIECE will be on hiatus for a few more weeks, however the author has arranged with Shueisha the release of some curiosities to alleviate the expectation of the millions of fans who follow the adventures of Mugiwara on a weekly basis. In reality, the sensei reveals anecdotes and unpublished information on his masterpiece at each release of a new tankobon in the appropriate section of the SBS, the angle of question and answer between the mangaka and the readers.

On the occasion of the volume 19 and 21for example, the sensei in response to two different users made the face of the first 6 components of the Straw Hat crew with his weak hand, or the left. The result obtained, which you can retrieve at the bottom of the news, shows the characters with a deformed and devoid of details aspect that demonstrates Oda’s difficulties in drawing with his left hand.

And you, on the other hand, knew this difficulty of Eiichiro Oda? Please let us know, as usual, with a comment below.

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