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ONE PIECE Magazine: the official cover of volume 15 arrives

by Harry Brown

For several years now Shueisha has decided to dedicate his magazine to ONE PIECE. The ONE PIECE Magazine has become essential among fans along with the SBS and databooks to obtain more information on the pirate world designed by Eiichiro Oda. In fact, the author often inserts details that cannot find space in the story.

In addition to the special booklets with Luffy and much more, the ONE PIECE Magazine deals with everything that revolves around the world of pirates. The latest volume released in Japan dealt with the Mugiwara rivals, but it’s already time to think about the next one. In the archipelago it is planned the release of ONE PIECE Magazine Volume 15 in early Augustbut its cover has already been made known.

In the image below posted by Shonen Jump Unofficial, there is Luffy always drawn in black and white, holding the straw hat at chest height. Her clothes are not the usual ones, but they could be a preview of the outfit that will be seen in ONE PIECE: RED. This is because the whole magazine this time will be dedicated to the film coming in August in Japan. Information containing therefore could also focus solely on the characters featured in the feature film by Toei Animation.

The cover therefore follows the patterns of the previous ones, do you like it?

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