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ONE PIECE: Terrifying Kaido in this unique Japanese style design

by Harry Brown

Japanese art has evolved over time. Everyone remembers the most famous paintings drawn with the classic ukiyo-e style, forerunner of Japanese design. Although stylistically they look very different, that’s where the first manga was born. Centuries later, one of the styles that is most impressed on everyone’s mind is that of ONE PIECE.

The caricature drawing style of Eiichiro Oda, inherited from masters who in turn inherited it from Osamu Tezuka, is one of the most iconic and it is also thanks to this that ONE PIECE has managed to go on for twenty-five years. But fans like to review their favorite works, reworking them with a completely different style.

Chien Chih Kang posted an image that brings ONE PIECE back in time, as if it had been made a few centuries ago. Taking advantage of the old Japanese style, he created a Kaido in hybrid form with the ukiyo-e style. Even in this form, the blue-scaled emperor is terrifying, perhaps even more terrifying than his counterpart from the original manga. All the details, from fangs to bloodshot eyes, make it even more imperious and terrifying.

Wano’s ending has also been repurposed in ukiyo-e.

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