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ONE PIECE: the anime returns, the Dressrosa saga in October on Italia 2

by Harry Brown

While in Japan the production of the anime of ONE PIECE continues at a fairly regular pace, in Italy the situation is different. In fact, since the Marineford saga, distribution in our country has suffered serious slowdowns. However, starting from next October on Italia 2 it will finally be possible to follow the new episodes.

After the last episode of the Punk Hazard saga, before significant stage of the Mugiwara’s journey in the New World, which aired on February 2, 2022, the Italian adaptation of the series will resume from the Dressrosa saga. The announcement came directly from publication of the autumn schedule of the Mediaset channel. Every Wednesday in prime time the new episodes will arrive, it is not yet clear if it will be an appointment, but given the previous management of the series, it is possible that it will be three episodes a week.

Needless to underline the importance of a narrative arc like the one set on the island of Dressrosa, which covers 102 chapters of the manga and 118 episodes, in which Luffy and his companions will have to contend with the domination of Donquijote Do Flamingoruler of the island and member of the Fleet of Seven, subsequently disbanded based on the decisions taken during the important Reverie.

Finally, we remind you that ONE PIECE has started a collaboration with Tamagotchi, and we leave you to the details on the event for the 25 years of the series.

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