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One-Punch Man 167: a galactic chapter in ultra-serious mode

by Harry Brown

There is a final coming for One-Punch Man. It is probably that of the saga, and this means that an important moment will come: as is well known, some chapters are facing Saitama and Garouwith the latter giving up some of his control to an unknown deity who gave him new powers and abilities.

With Genos’ bloody cliffhanger, Saitama seems to have understood something. One-Punch Man 167 starts with the clash of attacks between him and Garou, who is deflected by Blast into space. Their strength, however, is enormous and it is necessary that some allies of the number one hero come to the rescue to avoid damage to the Earth. The impact generated sends the two contenders far away, on Io, satellite of Jupiter. In a splendid color table, Saitama stands out against the dark spot of Jupiter and decides to get serious: now he can use all his strength.

Garou still seems convinced of winning and uses dimensional portals to attack, but Saitama moves them with disarming ease, increasingly displacing the opponent. Then it’s the cloaked hero’s turn to attack, knocking over the satellite’s surface and spawning a myriad of rocks and debris that disorient Garou and render him helpless to some serious Saitama attacks. The villain resists and realizes that he must resume using his enemy’s style. On a new cliffhanger, OnePunch Man ends with the two throwing a serious punch at each other.

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