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One-Punch Man season 3: which studio will take care of the new anime?

by Harry Brown

There have been rumors of the production of One-Punch Man 3 for some time, but only recently has it become official. The anime is one of the most anticipatedconsidering that the 12 episodes of season 2 by JC Staff have blocked the story in the middle of a narrative arc, which, however, has just ended in the manga.

After years of silence, with the official announcement of One-Punch Man 3 you can breathe a sigh of relief, assuring the public that the product has not ended up in oblivion. At the moment, however, we only know what the key visual of the anime is, the one with Garou and Saitama behind each other, which already heralds a challenge between the two. What about the rest? What will be the studio that will take care of One-Punch Man season 3?

So far there have been no confirmations of any kind. However, rumors have been circulating for some time about JC Staff’s departure from the project, which therefore may not deal with the third season. Surely the return of Madhouse, after the exploits of the first season, would be the best choice, with the animation house already familiar with the anime. Studio BONES, which already adapts Mob Psycho 100, also from ONE, is also one of the eligible candidates. Many instead think that it could be Studio MAPPA, always looking for new projects despite the heavy workload, to animate it.

However, nothing is to be taken for granted and at the moment the situation contains too many variables to think about which study will throw at work. What studio would you like to animate on One-Punch Man 3?

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