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Planet Manga presents the releases of the week of June 30, 2022

by Harry Brown

Through a note shared on their official social media, Planet Manga has definitively presented the issues of 30 June 2022. With the publishing house, various titles that are eagerly awaited by readers arrive in our local comics.

Between news of 30 June, the most awaited and sought after by Italian readers is the Complete Edition of Yu-Gi-Oh! by Planet Manga. This prestigious version of the work written and drawn by Kazuki Takahashi, who launched the franchise to success by inspiring the collectible card game and anime series, is designed for both new generation readers and historical enthusiasts. The Complete Edition, priced at around 15 euros, includes three original tankobons in a single, maxi volume.

Then comes another luxury version. Fullmetal Alchemist Ultimate Deluxe Edition arrives in the twelfth volume, at a special price of about 12 euros. This, between twists and breathtaking revelations, will be a key number for the story. Ed and Al discover something that changes the way they see what happened forever. If these aren’t enough, here are the Planet Manga releases of the week of June 23rd.

From May 30, the manga series by Tasuki Fujimoto continues. Chainsaw Man 11 comes accompanied by an empty box, which allows you to collect all the first eleven volumes of the series, or by the full box, which already includes the volumes.

Assassin’s Creed Dynasty continues with the second volume, Toiltet Stories with the second volume, City Hunter XYZ with the volume 12 and The Immortal – The book of the Bakumatsu era.

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