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Planet Manga: the releases of the coming months in the Preview 371

by Harry Brown

Through the editorial Preview 371, Manga sandwiches presents the calendar of releases coming in the coming weeks. Among the checklists, there are numerous novelties that will debut in Italian comics, including the new work by the author of Assassination Classroom.

After launching the Complete Edition of Yu-Gi-Oh! almost simultaneously with the death of its author, Planet Manga is ready to amaze our local readers with an incredible series of debuts. The most awaited is Elusive Samurai by Yusei Matsui, former author of Assassination Classroom. The first volume of the new Shonen Jump hit, a brilliant and fun survival, debuts on October 27th. The story follows Hojo Toshiyuki, heir to the Kamakura shogunate whose main ability is to survive.

On September 15th, it is the turn of volume one of Togen Anki – Cursed Blood. Yura Urushibara’s manga will be sold in a special Blind Pack, that is a cellophane pack inside which it will be possible to randomly find the volume in regular edition, variant limited or variant ultra-limited. The adventure tells the story of Shinki Ichinose, in whose veins the blood of the Oni flows. Target of Momotaro Kikan, a secret agency that intends to eliminate the demons, he will try to resist their attacks by unleashing violent fights.

Following the success of Attack on Titan’s Planet Manga steel boxes, the publisher also launches Boichi – Short Stories. The two volumes of the opera, Timeless Voyagers and Nameless Soldiers, debut in September. In these stories signed by the visionary mangaka of Korean origin, five unpublished stories of him are presented.

Also in September, the complete series also arrives in two volumes Wife of a spy. By Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Tadashi Nohara, the manga presents a difficult choice: to betray your husband, or the homeland?

In September, the first volumes of Otherside Picnic by Iori Miyazawa, Eita Mizuno and Shirakaba, of boys love Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa, by Hello Morning Star by Tomo Kurahashi and Pink & Mameshiba, always by the same author. The latter two can also be purchased in a single pack.

Finally, a triptych of works signed by the authors of Ken the Warrior and Berserk debuts. From Buronson and Kentaro Miura, they arrive in Italy Japan, the Wolf King and The Legend of the Wolf King.

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