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Pokémon: the policewoman Jenny in this cosplay shows off her charm

by Harry Brown

With each generation, i Pokémon video games change characters. The protagonist changes, the gym leaders change, the opponents and enemies change. There are some figures that are recurring, however, an aspect that was then also taken up by the anime. Besides Ash Ketchum, in fact, there is a figure that always appears, in every region.

In addition to the nurse Joy, omnipresent even in video games in every pokémon center, in the anime there is also the policewoman Jenny. Still astride her motorbike, initially with a Growlithe supplied to assist her in arresting criminals, she appeared wherever she was needed – and punctually Brock, when she was there, tried to conquer her. While not a central figure of the anime, in which among other things, moreover, it is always twin sisters and not the same person, she is a character who is not forgotten very easily.

In the past, there has been a cosplay of Jenny and Joy that just took the two figures. This time, however, Shirahime has decided to focus only on one of these. So here’s a cosplay of policewoman Jennypresented in a simple way but which shows all the fidelity to the character of the series.

Meanwhile, did you know that there is a strange theory about Nurse Joy?

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