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Preview Boruto 262, a royal party: the tea of ​​the princess

by Harry Brown

The new original anime story arc of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations has finally made its official debut and the time has come for viewers to delve into the events of this saga. Will the students of the Ninja Academy be able to build a solid bond, as did the boys of previous generations?

In Boruto 261 Kawaki and Himawari face theirs first day of school at the Ninja Academywhere they meet many classmates, such as Kae Yukiwari, the princess of the Land of Bamboo who is in the Fire Village apparently for a cultural exchange, and Eiki Fuuma, the son of the Konoha police commander.

In order to tighten a friendship bond with new companions, Princess Kae, who only recently arrived in Konoha and knows nothing of the Land of Fire, organizes a party at home. In the preview of Boruto 262, which you can find in the tweet at the bottom of the article, we see Kae invite the companions of the Ninja Academy to a tea party and Himawari willingly accept.

Kawaki will also be attending the party, who was forced to enroll in the Ninja Academy to complete a mission entrusted to him by the Hokage himself. Throughout the time of the party that takes place in the Yukiwari villa, the boy monitors the situation by making him bored and arrogant. Between candy and laughter, at the end of the promotional clip Kawaki is completely shocked. What has happened that is so serious?

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