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Preview for Boruto 257: the new Hokage of the Leaf Village

by Harry Brown

After Team 10’s culinary mission in Boruto 257, the next original episode of the anime series changes the page. At the Leaf Village, the Hokage’s title is no more than Naruto? The new village chief of Konoha, lends himself to participate in the new film of the Kagemasa series so loved by Boruto.

During theepisode 257 of Boruto, Naruto will be asked to make a movie and play the part of himself, the Seventh Hokage, in the new feature film of the series “Kagemasa”. Overworked, however, Naruto asks a Konohamaru Sarutobihis former pupil, to take his place and play the role of Hokage in his place.

Naruto, is the person that Konohamaru most respects and is more than honored to take his place. Not only that, become Konoha Hokage it has been his secret dream ever since he was a spiteful child. However, the situation on the film set is not what Konohamaru expected.

The former master of the new Team 7 is completely disoriented and receives some feedback from the assistant director of the film. Therefore, they decide to adopt a backup plan for make the film even more interesting. Coming soon, in Boruto it will be time for a vacation for the Uzumaki family. And you, are you following these original anime?

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