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Sk8 The Infinity, announced a second anime season and an OAV

by Harry Brown

In July, news broke that the Sk8 the Infinity anime had been renewed. This leak is now confirmed in an official announcement: the animated adaptation of Studio BONES will return with a second anime season and a special episode.

During a special event entitled “Sk8 the Infinity ∞WEEK” the long-awaited return of theanime produced by Studio BONEScurrently busy with preparations for the premiere of My Hero Academia Season 6.

At the Okinawa event it was revealed that the previously announced project involves a second season for the beloved anime and an OAV. To take care of these two new works, of which only a teaser trailer has been released at the moment, will be the staff of the first season aired, in simulcast on Crunchyroll, in January 2021. Therefore, Hiroko Utsumi as director, Ichiro Okouchi as supervision, have been reconfirmed. of screenplays and Michinori Chiba to character designs.

There original anime series on the skateboard follows the story of Reki, a second-year high school student who loves skateboarding and gets involved in a dangerous underground race. How will his run without rules go? More information on the OVA and Season 2 of the anime will arrive over the next few weeks.

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