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Spoiler for Dragon Ball Super 86: a battle with no more hope

by Harry Brown

Goku and Vegeta are facing the most monstrous opponent ever. Whenever he approaches defeat, the main antagonist of the Granolah Saga becomes even more powerful. For the Z Fighters, defeat approaches in chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super.

Just when Goku seemed to have found the square to defeat his opponent, the hateful blood bond between the Heeters Elec and Gas, led the latter to a new, deadly transformation.

Like every month, in view of the official release of the chapter, V-Jump shares the drafts of the first pages of the chapter elaborated by Toyotaro. The power-up makes Gas’s body stunted and wrinkled. The villain seems suddenly aged. His power, however, is unparalleled.

As we see from the spoilers for Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super, Gas is now able to manipulate his enemies with telekinesis. Lifting his arm, he chokes Goku, who escapes from suffocation only thanks to Instant Transmission. However, the Saiyan does not escape the power of the lesser of the Heeterswhich seems relentless.

With Vegeta definitively down, it seems that there is no more hope for Goku. In a one-on-one battle, Gas is just too strong: he is the strongest in the universe. In reality, the heroes still have a solution. This is called Granolah.

An intervention by the Cerealian would allow Goku and Vegeta to take more time. By doing so, Gas would approach the natural death from old age. We’ll see if it really goes like this, with the official release of Dragon Ball Super 86.

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