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Spoiler for My Hero Academia 363: the slow decline of the Heroes

by Harry Brown

Initially the final war between villain and heroes seemed to turn in favor of the latter, but the battlefield of Tomura Shigaraki seems to have turned the situation around. In My Hero Academia 363 the heroes are very close to defeat on all fronts.

According to the spoilers of My Hero Academia 363, this new chapter written by Kohei Horikoshi is divided into four distinct parts. In the first, which resumes exactly from the previous appointment, it is confirmed that Bakugo’s heart has stopped beating. Best Jeanist, Mirio and Eraserhead are shocked, but Tomura Shigaraki no longer intends to spare anyone and goes on to attack again, this time by Mirko.

The chapter then moves on to Skeptic laboratory, where the latter has breached and taken control of the Heroes command center. After disabling the communication network of the enemies, he activated the communication between the villains by enabling the speakers built into the Nomu.

A new change of scenery brings us to kamino, where we witness the rebirth of Dabi. The latter had copied Shoto’s technique before undergoing his final attack in full. Now more bitter than ever, he unleashes a hell of flames on Kido and Onima, before moving on to Shoto and Burnin. Finally, the spotlight returns to the Gunga Mountains, where Endeavor fights an All For One in full regeneration phase.

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