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Spy x Family: A Yor Forger cosplay in assassin clothes

by Harry Brown

The first part of the season 1 of Spy x Family. Cloverworks and WIT Studio have created a truly high-end product, which has generated a lot of hype over the past few months. The twelve episodes were all loved, thanks to the charisma of Loid Forger, the sympathy of little Anya and also thanks to the character of Yor.

We will have to wait a few months before seeing them in action again, or those who can’t do it can read the Spy x Family manga. The fact is that the Forger family will be back in full from October with another dozen episodes. Meanwhile, remembering the characters of Spy x Family we think of the many cosplay that have now taken hold on the net. With the anime and the explosion of popularity due to it, there have been many to take on the role of members of the Forger family, presenting them in multiple versions.

Natalia Kat immediately thought about the mother of the family in this cosplay of Yor Forger from assassin. By taking off her role as a public employee, she makes her assume her true identity as the queen of thorns, making her descend into a ruthless and blood-soaked world. What do you think of this cosplay? Meanwhile, there is also a hot statuette of Yor Forger assassin version.

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